Thursday, February 16, 2012

Create Some Mardi Gras Love!

Celebrate "Fat" Tuesday with bright colors, beads, masks and a little chaos too!  It's not too late to create some Mardi Gras love with one of these fun craft ideas.  Whether you will be spending the night with revelers or a quiet evening at home crocheting, you can bring a little New Orleans home with you!

Purple Water Princess Flower
This colorful crocheted flower can be created quickly and easily to adorn a hat, headband, lapel, scarf, backpack or even dress up clothes for your little flower princess.  (I think I will make up a few to give as "Mardi Gras" gifts instead of the traditional beads.)

Ribbon Bracelet
Made up in several different colors, this ribbon bracelet becomes the perfect accent for your Mardi Gras attire or any outfit!  Another great gift idea that is simple and inexpensive to create.

Angry Birds King Pig
Last but never least, our adorable little friend, the Angry Birds King Pig can double as a traditional "king" themed Mardi Gras gift for your kids or the big kids in your life.  Have fun with the crafts this week and Fat Tuesday!

Enjoy! We love feedback and photos!

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