Friday, July 27, 2012

Ready for the 2012 Olympics?

Ready? Get set! Go! - with these sporty and patriotic patterns and projects! Bring a little Olympic spirit home for the next few weeks and create some winning crafts. Are you from another country other than the U.S. and want to support your home team?

Easy - switch out the colors for any nation's flag colors or uniform colors and you are good to go cheer on the team of your choice! (You could easily adapt any of these craft projects to reflect professional or college sports teams too.) Unleash your sporty creativity!

Olympic Coasters

Water Bottle Cozy

(Wood Block) Patriotic Craft

Hexagon Dishcloth

Patriotic Quote Blocks

Enjoy the London 2012 Olympic Games, no matter how you celebrate them! Connect with us on Facebook and share your favorite Olympic sport, craft or memory. Visit Craftown for more fun free patterns and projects!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

5 Pattern Picks For Olympic Viewing!

"Hey now you're an all-star, get your game on..." with these adorable summer patterns! Since the London 2012 Olympics just a few days off, we figured you would need a few projects to keep your hands busy while your eyes are glued to the games. These free patterns are fresh, fun and golden! (Well, maybe not gold medal golden but we think they are all top performers!)

Newborn Berry Hat

Flower Girl Cross Stitch

Crocheted Earrings

Watermelon Cross Stitch

Crocheted Swim Suit Cover
Enjoy the Olympics and our free patterns and projects! For more crafts, ideas and patterns, visit us over at Craftown, or connect with us on Facebook and share your favorite Olympic craft.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sizzling Summer Crafts!

Summer Cross Stitch
How are you enjoying your summer so far? In my neck of the woods, we're heading into our 6th day of triple digits with little relief in sight. Sure, we've had a few thunder storms, but nothing big enough to ease the sweltering heat wave.

Striped Hot Pad
On the bright side, we've added plenty of new crafts for you to tackle in the comfort of your air conditioned haven, or for you lucky people with a more temperate climate on the patio, porch or portico!

Watermelon Cross Stitch
Cross stitch, crochet and crafts - my favorite 3 c's...what could be more fun than creating one of these super cute, quick and easy summer cross stitch patterns or crochet projects?

Survival Key Chain
And the best part? Our patterns are always free! I love that about us. (Hope you do to!) If one of these crafts don't tickle your fancy, head over to Craftown for hundreds of other crafts to try.

Coffee Cozy
The patterns & projects are getting lonely without you. If you find a favorite pattern or already have a favorite summer project, share it with us on Facebook. Enjoy the weather and your summer, it's going so fast!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

July Is Not Over, Yet!

Patriotic Quote Blocks
Yankee Doodle went to town...and came home with some paint and yarn! July is not over - yet! You still have time to craft some patriotic creations that pop. Besides, the 2012 Olympics are just 20+ days off and you want to be ready to show some team spirit!

Hexagon Dishcloth
Crochet these simple and quick Hexagon Dishcloths to adorn your kitchen. They are fun and functional and can be crocheted in a patriotic color scheme or any color combination you can come up with!

Star Blocks
Our patriotic star blocks are another simple project that can be made using wood scraps or another firm medium (like foam core or even cardboard) that you may already have at home on hand.

Simple Wrist Cuff
Another fast and easy crochet pattern, our Simple Wrist Cuff is destined to become one of your favorite go to projects for accessorizing your wardrobe or to give as a homemade gift. Enjoy!

Enjoy your July and the upcoming Olympic Games. Connect with us on Facebook and tell us how you are celebrating your summer!

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