Friday, July 27, 2012

Ready for the 2012 Olympics?

Ready? Get set! Go! - with these sporty and patriotic patterns and projects! Bring a little Olympic spirit home for the next few weeks and create some winning crafts. Are you from another country other than the U.S. and want to support your home team?

Easy - switch out the colors for any nation's flag colors or uniform colors and you are good to go cheer on the team of your choice! (You could easily adapt any of these craft projects to reflect professional or college sports teams too.) Unleash your sporty creativity!

Olympic Coasters

Water Bottle Cozy

(Wood Block) Patriotic Craft

Hexagon Dishcloth

Patriotic Quote Blocks

Enjoy the London 2012 Olympic Games, no matter how you celebrate them! Connect with us on Facebook and share your favorite Olympic sport, craft or memory. Visit Craftown for more fun free patterns and projects!

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