Thursday, June 7, 2012

How Crafty Are You?

Dry Erase Calendar
Crafty is as crafty does. How crafty are you? How crafty do you want to be? Developing your craftiness starts with the basics - great ideas, a few simple tools and elbow grease. Lucky for you we keep adding free craft ideas, patterns, and tutorials (every week).  

Kissing Frog
All you have to do is bring the supplies, time and...elbow grease! If you are more of a needle and thread kind of person, I highly recommend our free cross stitch patterns. Created by our friend Esther over at Crafts by Starlight, the patterns are whimsical, fun and original!

Zachary Zebra
Yarn, hooks and needles - oh my! If yarn really gets you excited do we have a treat for you! We have literally hundreds of free crochet and knitting patterns waiting for you to browse. From easy to intermediate, simple to complicated, we have something that will satisfy your yarn cravings.

Blessings Magnet Board
Maybe you are more of a wood, metal and vinyl kind of crafter. If so we have you covered there too. With tons of wood crafts, metal and magnetic ideas and vinyl lettering tutorials at our site, I know you will find inspiration and enough ideas to keep you busy (at least for the summer)!

Captain America Gloves
No matter where your crafty talents lay (or maybe they are still hidden, waiting for you to discover) we have patterns, instructions and plenty of ideas to make a visit to our site worth your time. Go grab a cup of coffee or tea, and pencil and paper; skip over to Craftown and unleash your creativity! Oh...and your craftivity!

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