Friday, November 16, 2012

Great Gratitude Crafts...

With Thanksgiving just one week away, there is so much to do and so much to be thankful for! Showing gratitude for many blessings is an important part of many family holiday traditions. How do you inspire yourself and your family to express appreciation during this time of Thanksgiving?

I've collected a few crafty solutions to inspire you and get you in a grateful mind set! We've got some creative ideas and craft tutorials that are simple, fun and pretty too. Try one of our projects to add a little fall or Thanksgiving decor to your home, or make something to share with a friend or neighbor!

Fall Wreath

Gratitude Jar

Give Thanks Plate

Count Your Blessings Board

Give Thanks Wood Craft

With our great gratitude crafts, it's easy to show off your appreciation and craftiness! Connect with us on Facebook to share your favorite gratitude craft or visit Craftown for a growing list of Thanksgiving themed crafts to inspire you!

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