Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fun Fall DIYs

I'm looking to have a little fun this fall as the hectic feeling of summer-time activities winds down and back-to-school shopping is done for another season (until they run out of socks that fit). My kids are back to a "normal" routine and I am back to my soccer mom/chauffeur schedule. 

I love the mundane mommy-ness of it all, but I long to have a little harvest-inspired fun, find some great DIYs and tutes, and then create something seriously yummy for my hearth and home! Interested? Super! 

Here are just a few fun fall DIYs to get you in the mood and swing of autumn crafting!

Fall Leaf Pillow

Easy Leaves Scarf

School Chore Chart

DIY Monogrammed Bag

Ninja Mask

Visit Craftown for more free patterns and projects to create and enjoy for fall! 

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