Thursday, January 9, 2014

Winter Wonderland Crafts!

Valentine Hat
Baby, it's cold outside" seems to be the understatement of the New Year. With temperatures below zero in so many areas of the United States, I imagine winter boredom abounds! Cabin fever, here we come!

You are in luck though. I've found some creative outlets to help you (and me) stave off the snowbound blues, and hopefully keep the crazies from creeping in.

DIY Sherpa Boots

Valentine's Day Wreath

Sweater Head Wraps

From a crocheted Valentine's Hat to a funky Love Blocks Sign, you'll find something fun to make to take your mind off the chilly temperatures and winter dull-drums, and perfect for sharing on Valentine's Day. The DIY Sherpa Boots and Sweater Head Wrap will keep head and feet nice and toasty too.

Love Blocks Sign

May I suggest adding a hot cup of tea, cocoa or cappuccino to any of the crafts featured here? Just to make sure your fingers stay warm and mobile!

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