Friday, December 16, 2011

More Craft Ideas for Christmas

Whether you need just a few more home-made gift ideas for Christmas, or you are completely done with your Christmas prep work and wonder what project you can start on next...we have got the crafts, patterns, & ideas for you!

Santa may have a busy workshop, but we have a busy crafting team (who are just as cute as Santa's elves).  They constantly amaze me with their great ideas, innovative techniques and gorgeous results.  It makes me want to be a craft designer when I grow up.

For now I will settle for bringing you some of our New and Featured crafts of the week.  If you plow through these crafts and still need something to do to keep you busy (that is if your in-laws are not coming to stay for 3 weeks during Winter Break) check out all the different crafty creations at our site!

Snowman Block Craft

Grandmother's Picture Board

Homemade Picture Frame

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