Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A New Year & So Many New Crafts!

How will we make time for them all?  If you are going to start a New Year's resolution, or two, how about resolving to try more free crafts from Craftown.com?  Whether knits or cross stitch is your game, or you are more of a wood-working, fabric kind of person...we have a craft for you!

We've got everything from country crafts and angel crafts to crochet and knitting patterns.  And the best part is:  they are all FREE!  Free is good.  Repeat after me, free is good.  There are so many great ideas and free patterns that I guarantee it will keep you busy until this time next year.  And by then...we'll have added more!

Happy Crafting in 2012!  We love crafts and we love bringing them to you!

Tool Box

Stocking Hooks

Felt Ornaments

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