Thursday, January 5, 2012

Angry Hats!

What's so great about an angry hat you ask?  Why it's the birds of course!  If you love Angry Birds as much as we do, you will dig our Angry Birds inspired crochet hat patterns.  They are super fun and easy to create.

Angry Birds Black Bird Hat

Okay, so maybe the Black Bird looks a little grumpy.  You would be too if someone stole your eggs.

Angry Birds Blue Bird Hat
The Blue Bird is probably my personal favorite (not just on the game but also the hat) mostly because of the pretty color combination it makes with the yellow when crocheted together.  A nice looking hat!

Angry Birds Red Hat
Yes, another grumpy bird...the Red Bird hat (blue is till my favorite) is incredibly cute on kid melons!  And again, it's a fairly easy pattern to crochet and follow, thanks to Esther over at Crafts by Starlight.

Angry Birds King Pig Hat
Who new pigs could be so cute doubling as a hat?  Or green?  Anyway, though the birds are the stars of the show over at Angry Birds the game, the pigs do a pretty good job of stealing the lime light as adorable hats for the adorable heads at your house.

Have fun creating one of our free patterns!  Remember, we love feedback and project photos!

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