Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Accessories To Wear And Share

I love what Spring brings each year: new growth, bright colors, fresh style and original fashion trends. Mixing and matching accessories to pair with my Spring outfits is fun and challenging. Sometimes, in order to get the best results - I have to get brave and make my own accessories.

I hope you are feeling as brave as I am and try some of our newest accessories. Whether knitting is your favorite yarn art or crochet is more your speed, we've got tons of free patterns to inspire your inner yarn diva!

Girl's Spring Headband

Bow Shoe Clip

Flower Shoe Clip

Double Rib Socks

Circle Headband

Simple Headband

For more fun accessories and wearables with free patterns and instructions, visit Craftown. Connect with us on Facebook where I share more ideas and patterns from the site as well as other great craft bloggers and yarn designers. Find us on Pinterest and find more craftsy inspiration where you can save it all!

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  1. I thank you for such nice easy thing for me to use in donation box. SMJ


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