Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hoppy Easter Crafts!

Easter is one of those holidays and times of year that just make me smile to think about. Not only is Easter a sacred holy-day for many different faiths, but it is also a wonderful time to pause and appreciate all of the signs of Spring.

Birds returning to your trees, a few types of flowers just peaking through the soil and animals (kids too) frisky with the prospect of getting outside to romp and play! Just so you aren't left out, I've collected a few Easter patterns for you to have fun with too.

Knit Easter Basket

Crocheted Easter Basket

Crochet Easter Egg

Bella the Bunny

Child Bunny Hat

Bunny Slippers

However you and your kin celebrate Easter and the Spring season, enjoy the changes of weather, signs of life and new beginnings! And while you're at it, visit Craftown for more craft project ideas and tons of free patterns! Connect with us on Facebook where I share daily inspiration and all sorts of creative ideas that I stumble across on the Internet!

Happy Easter...and Spring!

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