Thursday, May 3, 2012

5 Crafty Things for Cinco de Mayo!

We've collected five crafty items for you in honor of Cinco de Mayo!  Why?  Why not!  First, create your own homemade pinata with our easy tutorial.  (And you don't necessarily have to make it a Captain America Pinata...Unleash your creativity on that beast!)

Captain America Pinata

Adult Poncho
Next up: crochet a poncho for you and your kids!  These poncho patterns are easy and crochet up fairly quickly.  You are sure to enjoy the process and the finished product!  (I dare you to crochet matching mother-daughter/son ponchos!)

Kids Poncho

Adult Flip-Flop Slippers
Finally: Crochet some flip-flop slippers for everyone in your house!  Their feet will thank you, as these adorable slippers are fluffy and cozy!  Stomp around in them on Cinco de Mayo and celebrate by dancing your toes off.

Kids Flip-Flop Slippers
So now that you have some fun crafty things to create for Cinco de Mayo, I'm off to take a siesta!  *wink*  Actually, I can't snooze as I have several matching ponchos to crochet!  We love feedback and photos, so be sure to connect with us on Facebook!

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