Thursday, May 10, 2012

Crafty Gift Ideas for Mother's Day!

Tatted Anklet
As Mother's Day is just a few days off, we thought you could use a few crafty gift ideas that are simple, affordable, and quick to make!  Your mother or grandmother is sure to love a home-made gift she can treasure.

Flower Pendant
If crochet is your thing, this flower pendant is so simple to create and embellish.  Use any color you choose with all sorts of accent pieces to really set it off: buttons, shells, beads, or brooches!

Body Scrubber
If you are more of the knitting sort, use our free pattern to create a body scrubber for someone special.  Pair it with a sweet smelling bath gel or bath salts and you have a simple, clever gift!  (This would make a nice teacher gift too!)

Crochet Flower Necklace
These lovely crochet flower necklaces are so fun and fashionable.  You will have fun coming up with your own bottle cap centerpieces and mixing-matching colors.

Framed Family Tree
For the sentimental mother, why not create a simple framed family tree from a frame you have on hand or thrift store find?  Use our free printable to make your gift quick to assemble.

Happy Mother's Day!  Don't forget to share your Mother's Day gifts with us on Facebook!

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