Thursday, May 24, 2012

More Memorial Day Crafts for You!

Washi Tape Votive Holder
Looking for a memorable way to celebrate or honor a loved one this coming weekend?  Try one of our patriotic crafts or inspirational crafts to bless your family and friends with.

Fallen Hero Granny Square
Our washi tape votive holders and fallen hero granny square are unique small crafts that can be easily created and an inexpensive token to leave at a memorial or headstone.

Gratitude Jar
Create a gratitude jar for your home and family to collect and count your blessings in.  This craft is a nice way to teach your kids about the importance of being thankful.

Life Quote Hanging
A life quote hanging is a nice piece of crafting that will add a warm reminder to any home decor, whether you use our quote or choose to feature another quote or scripture verse.

We Believe Tile
To accent or support your family's beliefs create a "We Believe" tile to serve as a reminder and decorative tile in your home.  Show off what your family believes in and stands for.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

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