Thursday, May 3, 2012

Check It Out - April Blog Hop Entry!

This month, Craftown was invited to join Fave Crafts Blog April Blog Hop!  I have never participate in a Blog Hop before but it sounds super fun and easy to do!  So, for my Blog Hop contribution I am going to post my crocheted Survival Bracelet to share around the blogging world!

Survival Bracelet
This is the first real crochet "pattern" I have ever written down to share with anyone and I am really proud of it. Yes, it is VERY basic and VERY simple.  But I'd rather start out small and work my way up than try to go too big and really flop!  I don't usually subscribe to the "go big or go home" method, unless it involves chocolate chip cookies.

Well, that's about all there is to this blog hop thing, I hope!  Be sure to check out Fave Craft's April Blog Hop if you get a chance because there are some awesome crafts already added.


April Blog Hop

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  1. So fun & creative! I wonder if you would consider linking this post up with MY craft linky party too -- This tutorial is perfect for linking up and showing my followers your bracelets. I follow my new bloggers and I use Pinterest also to showcase my favourite submitted blog entries. Hop over and link up - make new crafty friends. ;-)
    jennie. x


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